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Sacré Sucré is an interior design agency specialised in (re)creating public and private spaces. Besides providing home design advice, Sacré Sucré runs a brand new furniture shop of handpicked selected furniture, art and objects by designers from all around the globe.



This is a fresh launch of our shop. Feel free to browse threw our products. For the moment our inventary is limited. More products our coming soon, so come back to our shop sometimes or stay up to date and subscribe to our newsletter.

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Hitch Single Bookshelf (add-on kit)


Hitch Single Bookshelf (add-on kit)

330.00 522.00

Colours : 
White-White / Red-White

Specifications : 
Width 67 cm / Height 185 cm / Depth 27 cm

Delivery time : 
1 - 3 weeks


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Powder coated steel uprights in two colours and two shelf finish options make you the master of your own book shelf destiny. Single units stand alone. Gang up multiples to create mass appeal with the Hitch Add-on Bookshelf.

Materials :
Shelves are wood veneer (smoke on ash) over engineered substrate or lacquered engineered substrate (white). Powder-coated steel uprights.